Trusted leaders

As a leader in precise engineering surveying, we provide a close ongoing geomatics support for projects of any size and complexity. We have been trusted to provide survey services to major infrastructure projects across Canada, including TTC Sheppard Subway, Niagara Tunnel Project, Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Toronto-York-Spadina Subway Extension, York-Durham Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer, Hanlan water project, Baffinland Iron Mines, Rainy River project, Mid Halton Outfall project and more.

Either as a contractor’s surveyor or a client’s Survey QA/QC representative, we make sure engineering structures are built per design.

Vision through expertise

We have a many years’ proven track record of designing and implementing well-structured, concise and creative engineering geomatics solutions for different projects in various environments and climatic zones.

We have solid knowledge and extended experience which allow us to make right decisions in a timely manner in order to meet and exceed most demanding project specifications even in most challenging logistics situations.

Engineering survey support for tunnels, mines, oil and gas infrastructures are amid our core specialties.

Engineering survey audits

There are numerous situations of “What could possibly go wrong?” in engineering geomatics.

We can help you solve this quandary. Should you require a “second opinion” from trusted engineering surveying experts, you can count on us.

We are proficient with an in-depth root cause analysis of survey data, field and processing procedures, thus finding the true reason of misalignments and helping to prevent their occurrence.