Hydrographic Surveying Services

Monteith & Sutherland have been providing hydrographic surveying services and real time dredging navigation since 1988.

We use HYPACK surveying and navigation software interfaced with a digital depth sounder and a DGPS receiver for real-time navigation and data logging.


Rigorous hydrographic surveying procedures are used to correct for positional latency, calibrate the speed of sound and correct for water level variations, therefore ensuring accurate depth data. Ground proofing the horizontal datum, particularly related to dredging contracts, has proven critical since coordinate transformations are often required.

Quality Control

Volumes, plans and cross sections are essential tools for the quality control process throughout the construction process. Pre- and post dredge volume calculations are generally required for the contract specifications and payment quantities, respectively. Custom drawings are developed using CAD software in order to fit the specific requirements of each application.