The legal survey section of Monteith & Sutherland is an extension of J.C. Monteith’s practice established in 1928 when Mr. Monteith assumed the practice of Mr. C. A. Jones, P.Eng.,P.S.

Accordingly, we own plans and field notes of Mr. Monteith and Mr. Jones dating back to the late 1800’s.

Legal plans database

Monteith & Sutherland have successfully conducted legal surveys including pipeline and utility corridor surveys in various Ontario locations for over 40 years. Our hard copy filing system of over 20,000 properties and plans is conveniently accessible through our database in order to provide an efficient and accurate information on and / or around our clients property, to facilitate boundary retracement. 

Protecting your boundaries

Our abilities to retrieve land-related information allow us to provide our clients with an accurate and cost effective product.

Our field staff is experienced in evaluating and reporting boundary evidence necessary to formulate an expert opinion.

If you need info on:

  • Surveyor’s Real Property Reports
  • Property Boundaries
  • Certification of Titles
  • Canada Lands
  • Plans of Subdivisions
  • Plans of Condominiums
  • Utility Corridor Pipelines