Point Cloud Technology

Monteith & Sutherland have been providing high definition 3D laser scanning services since 2004. Our High Definition Laser Scanners (HDLS) can depict structures of virtually any complexity into a form of precise 3D point cloud of desired density. Precise measurements can be made, interferences can be identified and as-built conditions can be documented. The 3D scanner can acquire precise data from a range of up to 120m of the object being measured, therefore allowing us to avoid unsafe working conditions. The logged 3D data can be converted into a detailed, photo-realistic 3D imagery or precisely modelled features for further decision making, BIM applications, (reverse-) engineering and (re-)design. At Monteith & Sutherland we provide our clients with a comprehensive product, in terms of coverage and precision, reducing cost and time overruns.


The HDLS can scan up to 1 million points per second and up to 120 metre range for a non-intrusive, yet thorough, point cloud of designated area.

How HDLS works and how it can be utilised to benefit your project.

HDLS point cloud data from the Niagara Falls Intake / Outlet Project.

HDLS point cloud data from the York Region street survey.