Monteith & Sutherland Ltd. is now COR™ certified

We are excited to announce Monteith & Sutherland Ltd. is now COR™ certified!

This great achievement was possible thanks to the relentless implementation of the rigorous, solid Health & Safety procedures on all the levels, a thorough gaps-analysis, internal and external audits and, of course, an amazing team-work.

Presently, as of August 16th, 2018, Monteith & Sutherland is the first and only COR™ certified surveying company in Ontario.

COR™ certified
MS COR™ certified

Featured Project: Microtunnel alignment surveys, Dixie-QEW Storm Sewer

Monteith & Sutherland crews work with CRS Tunnelling Canada project team to ensure the microtunnelling of the 1200mm storm sewer at Dixie-QEW is going per design alignment.

Precise traversing, while crawling, bending and crouching, and carrying the survey equipment all the way to the heading in and back to the portal is a very demanding task. Our crews do an outstanding job, delivering excellent surveys data sets, and performing all tasks in a safe manner.

Featured Project: Pre-rehabilitation HDLS survey of overflow sewer

Last month Monteith & Sutherland have teamed-up with PipeFlo and performed pre-rehabilitation high definition laser scanning (HDLS) survey of overflow sewer at Barton Street between Weir St North and Fairfield.

The survey was completed with P40 Leica HDL scanner. The data were processed in Leica Cyclone, and cross-sections at 1 metre interval, along with best fit centreline of the structure, were generated in 3D Reshaper:

Hamilton Barton Overflow HDLS Cross-sections
Hamilton Barton Overflow HDLS Cross-sections

Thanks PipeFlo for the highest safety practices pertaining the confined space entry, and for all the help during the survey.




Featured Project: Cherry Street Lakefill Hydrographic Survey

Glenn Dawson, and his crew braved the cold and icy weather to collect bathymetric data around the Essroc Quay. The crew equipped a nineteen-foot Boston Whaler boat with a single beam echosounder.

The sounder obtains depth data at a predetermined frequency as the boat moves around the harbour along a pre-planned runlines. A GNSS unit collects positional data of the transducer in real time.

This task was completed as part of Cherry Street Stormwater and Lakefilling project which is the first step to improve the area for reuse and naturalization.


February Featured Project: Rapid Static GNSS Campaign

Task Overview: Rapid Static GNSS Campaign:

Technician Mark Paddey (pictured above) is documenting survey station parameters and diagramming the vicinity and any obstructions. Monteith & Sutherland established 16 control monuments along a 10km stretch of Highway 600. We used a classical static survey technique to establish our control values over such a large area. The rapid static GNSS technique using our Leica GNSS 1200 receivers can provide accuracies to the order of 1:5,000,000. Using our equipment, the accuracy expectations for horizontal coordinates are 3mm + 0.5ppm and vertical coordinates are 6mm + 0.5ppm, which are unmatchable over large distances with other survey techniques. Mark worked in conjunction with 3 to 4 other staff who established other receivers. Data is recorded on all receivers simultaneously at the same data rate, typically 5 seconds. Observation time for the rapid static campaigns are based on the length between the occupied points and also based on the number of available satellites. At least 4 satellites are required to resolve Latitude, Longitude, Height, and Receiver Time Offset. For this project, we completed two initial 2-hour baseline campaigns followed by shorter observation times on successive campaigns measuring each new point. This allowed us to properly complete the data reduction and post-processing of the satellite data and publish accurate coordinate for these new control monuments.


Complete Geospatial Solutions

From the design of complex geodetic networks through control surveys, gyroscopic verifications, monitoring, hydrographic surveying, detailed topo and HDL Scanning to UAV mapping, at Monteith & Sutherland we have expert personnel and precise equipment to provide trusted results. Monteith & Sutherland: Complete Geospatial Solutions.


Tunnel surveying | ECLRT Project

Monteith & Sutherland have been proud partners of Metrolinx, and provide high precision survey services in challenging conditions. In this particular project – performing differential levelling, total station traverses, gyroscopic verification surveys, and High Definition Laser Scanning for our client.

1,776 stairs! Monteith & Sutherland raises money for WWF’s CN Tower charity climb

The Monteith & Sutherland team raised $840 for WWF’s CN Tower climb for nature on Sunday April 17, 2016. Five challengers braved the grueling annual event by running 1,776 steps (144 floors) to the observation deck of Toronto’s most famous landmark while making meaningful conservation possible for nature and wildlife. Together, the event raised over $1.1 million!

On the image (left to right) Marc Dudka, Vytautas Žiupka, Aleks Kubilius, Ernestas Bunevičius, and Mark Paddey

ECLRT Deformation monitoring at Bayview intersection

On the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit project we perform precise deformation monitoring, where we survey surface and building settlement points. There are approximately 4250 settlement instruments to be observed at varying frequencies over the course of the project, with 7 survey crews working together to complete daily monitoring tasks where there is active construction. One of the most challenging parts of this work is the traffic management. We work alongside On Track Safety Ltd and Toronto Police to manage the flow and safety of traffic, as well as the workers.