M&S guest lectures at UNB

Monteith & Sutherland had a fantastic weekend presenting at the University of New Brunswick for the department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering. It was a privilege to collaborate with Dr. Robert Kingdon and provide students with a laboratory assignment using our DMT Gyromat 3000, a precision gyroscope used to correct underground traverse orientation.

And not to mention, Dr. Kingdon, along with the outstanding faculty, and our own company president Glenn Dawson (a graduate from the class of ’88), demonstrated why UNB is a world leader in geomatics academia.

For more information on the Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering program at UNB, click here.

Complete Geospatial Solutions

From the design of complex geodetic networks through control surveys, gyroscopic verifications, monitoring, hydrographic surveying, detailed topo and HDL Scanning to UAV mapping, at Monteith & Sutherland we have expert personnel and precise equipment to provide trusted results. Monteith & Sutherland: Complete Geospatial Solutions.


Tunnel surveying | ECLRT Project

Monteith & Sutherland have been proud partners of Metrolinx, and provide high precision survey services in challenging conditions. In this particular project – performing differential levelling, total station traverses, gyroscopic verification surveys, and High Definition Laser Scanning for our client.

Mid Halton WWTP Effluent Outfall Tunnel Breakthrough

Congratulations to the entire STRABAG team working on the Mid Halton WWTP Effluent Outfall Tunnel.

Yet another accurate and precise breakthrough was made, notably due to tremendous efforts of the project tunnel surveying crew.

At Monteith & Sutherland we are happy to have had contributed to this success by performing numerous gyroscopic surveys, using GYROMAT3000 in order to verify the correctness of the complex underground traverse network spanning over 4 kilometers.

Spot on!



***All images are courtesy of STRABAG Canada***